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Vanilla - the world's favorite flavor

Genetics, Genomics, and Domestic Production

Vanilla: Intro

Our Vision for Vanilla

Locally sourced, designer varieties that resonate with today's savvy consumer.

Most of the Vanilla grown commercially today is very similar from a genetic perspective, but we’ve found some important differences.  Our objective is to characterize the best types of Vanilla for production in southern Florida, and to create new varieties with superior field performance and extract quality.  We will be focusing on natural disease resistance so our growers can obtain reliable yields while increasing sustainability.  We will also be focusing on aroma quality to delight consumers that are ready for the next step in the evolution of vanilla flavor.

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Domestic Vanilla Market

The United States is the largest importer of cured Vanilla beans.  Vanilla extract from Vanilla beans comprises a small, yet premium market in the flavor industry.  Most of the world’s Vanilla is grown in Madagascar, but evolving consumer trends are increasingly favoring local production.  We’ve been growing Vanilla in the United States since the early 1900's, but only since prices have skyrocketed have we seriously considered establishing a domestic industry in southern Florida.

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Our Vanilla collection includes ~300 accessions from ~23 species.  Our hope is that somewhere within this collection is the first generation of commercial-quality material for Florida growers.  The collection will also be used to create the next generation of Vanilla with improved traits.

We have successfully established a robust system for the creation of large hybrid populations of Vanilla.  Our initial genomics work including a draft Vanilla genome has already been published.  We anticipate expanding into flavor quality in the near future.

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Vanilla: About My Project

Where Can I Buy Verified Plants?

  • Pine Island Nursery ( V. planifolia 'Painter' and V. x tahitensis 'Nicolas'

  • AG3 Inc ( V. planifolia 'Painter'

  • Sunshine State Vanilla ( V. planifolia 'Painter'

  • Richard Lyons Nursery ( V. x tahitensis 'Nicolas'

  • More coming soon (and as we hear about them)

Vanilla: Quote

Why Should I Buy Verified Plants?

There are many unscrupulous vendors in the vanilla community. Some international vendors are intentionally deceitful and will take your money without delivering a product (e.g. our experience with SAVA Import Export Company Limited, Antananarivo, Madagascar).
Additionally, many sellers are unaware (or intentionally not disclosing) that their vines have Cymbidium Mosaic Virus for which there is no cure other than to destroy all infected vines.
Finally, vines from commercial growing areas might also come with fungal pathogens (e.g. Fusarium) that can rapidly spread and kill your plants.
Only source from trusted vendors that have genotyped their material and can verify the absence of Cymbidium Mosaic Virus. It's worth a little extra investment to get started right.

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Pollinating a Vanilla flower

V. pompona with characteristic yellow color

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Interested In Growing Vanilla?

Click on the link below to check out our growing guide. 
Please feel free to contact us with questions as this document is still under revision.

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Click below to access a browser-based version of the vanilla growing guide

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Cultivo de vainilla en el sur de Florida

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