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Working with Industry

Many domestic industries rely on domestically-grown or imported tropical fruit crops but have difficulty identifying suitable partners for Research and Development.  Our program facilitates tropical fruit research by leveraging our in-house capabilities and external networks to offer complete solutions for your R&D needs.  We will manage the entire project and provide regular updates depending on your needs.

​We can begin the discussion under non-disclosure agreements and offer a range of sponsored program options depending on the required level of intellectual property protection.  We work with potential sponsors to also fulfill our mission to support domestic growers and communicate research advances.  We work exclusively through Florida Foundation Seed Producers ( to license and commercialize new cultivars to protect your investment and our domestic growers.

Contract Research: Intro

Lab Capabilities


​Agilent 1220 HPLC with autosampler and VWD, ELSD detectors

Attune NxT Flow Cytometer with Autosampler

Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 3 Real Time PCR System

Applied Biosystems SimpliAmp thermal cyclers

Tecan Plate Reader

Light Microscopy

Mettler Toledo AutoTitrator

Atago Brix and Acidity sensors

Access to GCMS through collaborators

Access to high-performance computational capabilities

Available field space

Core Capabilities

Routine molecular biology capabilities

Tissue culture including micropropagation and transformation

Fruit quality analysis including aroma

Contract Research: Body
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